In the series Author’s Best Works, FdBooks offers a selection of the best authors in world literature. Each book has interactive footnotes and chapter headings in clear and elegant typeset, and is available at a very affordable price. Because… 
Culture is priceless, almost always.

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Complete list:

J. Addams

1. Democracy and Social Ethics

2. The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets

3. A New Conscience And An Ancient Evil

G. Ade

1. Fables in Slang.

E. Arlington Robinson

1. The Children of the Night

2. Merlin

3. The Three Taverns

A. Cappellano

1. The Art of Courtly Love

S. Vincent Benêt

1. Young People’s Pride

R. Austin Freeman

1. The Red Thumb Mark

2. The Eye of Osiris (or The Vanishing Man)

3. The Mystery of 31 New Inn

4. The Uttermost Farthing

5. John Thorndyke’s Cases

FREE. The stranger’s latchkey

E. Glyn

1. Three weeks

2. Man And Maid

3. Beyond The Rocks

4. His Hour

5. Red Hair

6. The Man And The Moment

7. The Point Of View

8. Halcyone

9. The Career Of Katherine Bush

10. High Noon

11. Three Things

12. One Day

W.W. Jacobs

1. The Monkey’s Paw

2. The Old Man Of The Sea

3. Sailor’s Knots

4. The Lady Of The Barge

5. Odd Craft

6. Ship’s Company

H. James

1. The Altar of the Dead

2. The Turn of the Screw

3. Daisy Miller

Cesare Lombroso

1. Criminal Man

La delinquenza nella Rivoluzione francese

L. Maud Montgomery

1. Anne Of Green Gables

2. Anne Of Avonlea

3. Anne Of The Island

4. Anne’s House of Dreams

5. Rilla of Ingleside

A. Quiller-Couch

1. On The Art Of Reading

2. The Blue Pavilions

3. The Splendid Spur

4. Poison Island

5. The Delectable Duchy

H. Willem van Loon

1. The Rise Of The Dutch Kingdom (1795-1813)