E. Glyn, “Three Things”.


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“Three Things” was published in 1915 by D. Appleton and Company.

This interactive digital edition includes Interactive Notes and Chapters, News about the Author, News about the Book, a very interesting Tag cloud of the Book and a link to connect to the Goodreads community to ask questions and share comments and opinions.


  • Three Things
    I. The Old Order Changeth
    II. The Gospel of common sense
    III. Marriage
    IV. After Marriage
    V. Should divorce be made easier?

    VI. The Responsibility of Motherhood

    Pre-natal influences
    The case of two women
    Fore-thought for beauty
    The spiritual mother

    VII. The responsibility of motherhood. Second paper

    Looking ahead
    The first obligation
    A Hatred Of Preaching
    Inherited Character
    Instincts unchecked
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