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W.W. Jacobs, “Ship’s company”. With original illustrations.


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This interactive digital edition includes Interactive Notes and Chapters, News about the Author, News about the Book, a very interesting Tag cloud of the Book and a link to connect to the Goodreads community to ask questions and share comments and opinions.

This ebook contains a detailed biography including all the publications of the Author and a smart biography. A very precious collection of short stories by W. W. Jacobs, author of several humorous and ghost stories.


  • “Fine feathers”;
  • “Friends in need”;
  • “Good intentions”;
  • “Fairy gold”;
  • “Watch-dogs”;
  • “The bequest”;
  • “The guardian angel”;
  • “Dual control”;
  • “Skilled assistance”;
  • “For better or worse”;
  • “The old man of the sea”;
  • “The castaway”;
  • “Blundell’s improvement”;
  • “Bill’s lapse”;
  • “Lawyer Quince”;
  • “Breaking a spell”;
  • “Establishing relations”;
  • “The changing numbers”;
  • “The persecution of Bob Pretty”;
  • “Dixon’s return”;
  • “A spirit of avarice”;
  • “The third string”;
  • “Odd charges”;
  • “Admiral Peters”.